Bold Rhinestone Flower Headpiece


Available in 2 colors – Gold and Silver.


Flexible Band Size – 5-1/2″ wide x 1 3/4″ long

Side Ornament Size – 4-1/2″ wide x 1-3/4″ tall

The Bold Rhinestone Flower Headpiece is a gorgeous gold or silver-plated bridal headband that has a beautiful cluster of seven rhinestone-encrusted flowers. Stunning and floral, this piece is perfect for either the modern or classic bride. The flowers are slightly accented off to the side of this headpiece. This is a stunning accessory for the bride herself, or for each of her bridesmaids.

The seven rhinestone-encrusted flowers sit to one side of the band. The ornamented portion of the band measures 4-1/2″ wide and 1-3/4″ tall at its highest point. Loops at each end of the headpiece allow you to fasten this Bold Rhinestone Flower Headpiece into your hair with bobby pins.