Adorable Flower Girl Gloves


Available in glove material options – Matte Satin and Satin, and in 2 color options – White and Ivory.


Children’s Glove Sizes – Ages 0 to 3 (Wrist Length only), Ages 3 to 6 (Elbow & Wrist Lengths) and Ages 7 to 14 (Elbow & Wrist Lengths)


Sweet and delightful, the Adorable Flower Girl Gloves are elbow length or wrist length flower girl gloves. These beautiful gloves are perfect for flower girls, first communion, tea parties, or a special occasion. Whether that special little one chooses traditional snow white or the ivory gloves, these flower girl gloves take a simple look and turn it into a chic and magnificent transformation.

The Adorable Flower Girl Gloves are available in either a matte satin finish (no sheen) or a satin finish, which possesses a subtle, beautiful sheen or luster, that is not glossy or shiny! They also come in three sizes – ages 0 to 3 (wrist length only), ages 3 to 6 and ages 7 to 14.


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