Rhinestone Wedding Gloves


Available in in 2 color options – White and Ivory.


Above Elbow Glove Size – 19″ long

The Rhinestone Wedding Gloves are delicate and they coordinate nicely to match most wedding gowns. These wedding gloves can add just the right finishing touch to your bridal ensemble or any special occasion gown.  They look especially fabulous with strapless bridal gowns and special occasion gowns. They’re full fingered bridal gloves that are above elbow length and end just above the elbow.  These gloves are available in a matte satin finish (no sheen) and are adorned with scattered rhinestones. When laying flat, the gloves measure approximately 19″ in length from bottom to fingertips, with the gloves ending approximately 1″ to 2″ above the elbow.

The Rhinestone Wedding Gloves are available in in 2 color options – White and Ivory.


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