Bridal Hat Comb with Bird Cage Veil


Available in 2 colors – Ivory and White.


The Bridal Hat Comb with Bird Cage Veil has as amazing sophisticated and elegant look. Adorned with feathers, organza and sparkling Swarovski Rhinestones, this bridal hair accent is guaranteed to add a touch of romance and vintage flair. This round bridal hat has both a comb and clip for easy placement and versatility, with a layer of short white hat and white cage veil netting with rhinestone Swarovski design.

The round hat measures 4″ in diameter with feathers extending off the headpiece. It comes available in two colors – Ivory or White.

The Bridal Hat Comb with Bird Cage Veil is a Russian Bridal Face Net and Blusher Birdcage Veil that’s an elegant and high fashion accessory for your modern couture or old 20’s vintage touch wedding celebration. Unique and exquisite, this bridal hat comb is perfect for any bride that wants to incorporate a modern or vintage touch to their gown!