Rhinestone Crystal Pageant Tiaras

Original price was: $119.99.Current price is: $99.99.

Available in 2 colors – Gold Clear and Silver Clear.


Height – 3-1/2″ high

The Rhinestone Crystal Pageant Tiaras are magnificent bridal crown tiaras with eye-catching crown tips and intricate swirls covered in rhinestones. They are lined with square-shaped rhinestones to form the base of the piece and accented with bold round Swarovski rhinestones at the center. The elegant style makes these crystal pageant tiaras great for adding a touch of glam and elegance to your bridal hairstyle. You can wear these tiara headpieces with most gown colors, but they look best with white and off-white gowns. They end with two virtually invisible combs that allow you to clip them right into your hair for a secure fit.

The center peak measures approximately 3-1/2″ high and they’re available in your choice of two colors – Gold Clear or Silver Clear. Thse bridal crown tiaras are guaranteed to capture the light and deliver a breathtaking radiant sparkle that family, friends, and guests will fall in love with.