Glamorous Royal Rhinestone Bridal Tiara


Available in 2 colors – Gold Clear and Silver Clear.


Headpiece Size – 14″ wide x 2-3/4″ tall

A majestic accessory to your classic or modern wedding, the Glamorous Royal Rhinestone Bridal Tiara is a grand tiara featuring an elegant pattern of gold or silver-plated curling designs covered in rhinestones – the ultimate addition to your wedding. It’s perfect for that modern or classic bride who has always dreamed of being a princess on her special day! The elegant style makes this headpiece great for any bridal hairstyle.

The ornamented portion of the piece extends all the way around the tiara’s band, and measures 14″ wide, and is 2-3/4″ tall at its center peak. The tiara ends in two loops at each end that allow you to fasten it securely and comfortably into your hair with bobby pins.