Visionary Embroidered Edge Veil


Available in 2 colors – Ivory and White.


Fingertip Length Size – 36″ long x 72″ wide

A lovely choice for any dress length, the Visionary Embroidered Edge Veil begins at the shoulders and wraps all the way around back leaving the face open for emphasis. This fingertip embroidered edge veil features gently waving scallops of fine lace and embroidered flowers strewn with a hint of sparkling sequins and bugle beads that adorn the hem of this fairytale beauty.

The Visionary Embroidered Edge Veil is perfect for that sophisticated modern bride who loves the simple elegance of a subtle sparkle. This single layer embroidered edge veil is available in your choice of two colors – Ivory or White, and a fingertip length of 36″ long.



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