Honeysuckle Bridal Halo


Available in Silver Clear only.


Design Size – 11″ long x 3/4″ wide

Double Flower Accent Size – 2-1/2″ long x 2″ wide

Single Flower Accent Size – 2-1/2″ long x 2″ wide

In stock

Inspired by sunny summer blossoms, the Honeysuckle Bridal Halo is a gorgeous, carefully handcrafted bridal halo headpiece. The beautiful floral detailing of rhinestones and Swarovski Crystals entwined with wire into an elegant, organic creation is fit for the bride’s tresses, and makes this halo glow with a stunning eye-catching sparkle. Its stunning, shapeable sterling silver wire construction offers endless beautiful possibilities. Add your own personal touch on your special day by shaping it to compliment your hair style. This graceful and vibrant bridal halo boasts options: wear it as a halo, a headband, wrapped around a bun, or any other way you can imagine. Two combs on either end allow for the piece to be placed securely and to fit snug comfortably.

A stunning crystal wedding adornment, the right side of this bridal halo has two flower accents, with a single flower highlighting the left side of this headpiece. The Honeysuckle Bridal Halo measures 11″ long and 3/4″ wide. The double flower accent and the single flower accent each measure 2-1/2″ long x 2″ wide. Available in Sterling Silver Clear only.



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