Vintage Bridal Hat BirdCage Veil Comb


Available in 2 colors – Ivory and White.


Ornament Size – 5″ wide and 6-1/2″ tall

The Vintage Bridal Hat BirdCage Veil Comb is a gorgeous vintage-inspired bridal hat with classic birdcage veiling that is perfect for vintage-inspired weddings! On the back of this exquisite bridal hat sits an elegant satin flower made from sheer ivory organza and matte satin fabric and features sprays of soft feathers and bead ornament. Unique and exquisite, this beautiful wedding hat and birdcage veil is a modern alternative to a traditional veil. The hat measures 5″ wide and 6-1/2″ tall, while the veil measures 8″ tall and 12″ wide past the edge of the hat. Located inside of this stunning bridal hat is a comb for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in both white and ivory to perfectly match your elegant gown.

The Vintage Bridal Hat BirdCage Veil Comb is a Russian bridal face net and blusher bird cage veil that’s an elegant and high fashion accessory for your modern couture or old 20’s vintage wedding celebration.